Support Groups on the Web

Support groups are a wonderful way to gain knowledge and to share experiences. This information can help you to better understand some of the decisions you may be faced with, provide you with questions to ask your vet and, just as importantly, to give you the strength to fight this disease knowing that you are not alone.

Not all support groups have the same “tone”. Some provide more support and comfort, while others are geared towards the technical side of handling canine cancer. You may want to consider joining more than one and see which ones suit your needs best.

If you know of, or moderate a canine cancer support group not listed here, please contact us at so that it can be listed.

Canine Bone Cancer
Canine Cancer Comfort
Pets with Cancer
Canine Cancer
Canine Bone Cancer
Bone Cancer Dogs
Circle ofGrey

Joining this group will require a bit more effort on your part but will be worth it. This link will take you to their main page…Under Explore, keyword in: pet cancer. Another window will open showing threads on the subject. Find one with “Pet Cancer Support Group” and click on it. You will need to register to join at that point.