Best Electric Fence for Dogs

Best Electric Fence for Dogs

If you just got a new dog, you know how challenging it could be to keep him or her from running out of the yard. If your canine companion has a habit of going over the boundaries, there is a solution to help you. Fortunately, there’s an invisible dog fence, which is an excellent way of keeping your dog in the proper boundaries without putting a leash on them.

Since there are a variety of selections to choose from, here are the top choices for you to take a look at.

What is the best invisible dog fence 2020

After extensive research, we concluded that the best fence is the  SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence.

 SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

This amazing smart fence uses wireless solutions to keep your four-legged friends within the boundaries. That means, there’s no more wires or base station, GPS controls everything. Creating an invisible boundary has become much easier. All you have to do is hold the collar, walk around the parameters, then push a button to generate a map. You can activate or deactivate the map on your smartphone. Because of this technology, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your dog is where he or she is supposed to be. You can check your dog’s location, get instant notification whenever he or she tries to escape, and track them until they return safely. It’s around 1000 acres so that the dog can run and relax.

Not only that, but it also has a 20 to 36 hours of containment and eight hours of tracking. Because of the long hours, you won’t have to worry about battery life. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing the right collar size that will fit your dog.

Top Features

  • The customizable device allows you to create a fence.
  • Provides an escape notification and status updates.
  • Fully optimized to manage your map from your phone. Completely portable and can be used at home.

Technical information

  • The battery size of up to 1000 acres
  • The battery life of 20 to 36% with eight hours of tracking
  • Charging time o 6 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Have 10 feet tracking accuracy

What is so special about the  SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence?

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence contains a waterproof collar with antenna design to pick up the satellite network to create a fence and to track your dog. This is an excellent way to train and keep your dog safe. You can also create over ten custom fences.

Because the collar is like a central hub, it can be used to create a virtual fence wherever the owner and dog goes, making it highly portable. If the dog decides to leave the area, you will receive an alert, and it will automatically track your dog to show where he or she is located.

With the Local cellular network, you will receive updates every six seconds as long as your dog is within 10 feet. Training is an important aspect of owning a dog.

The part is that the maker of this product has partnered with various professional dog trainers to create a customizable plan for their customers. Each program shows a direction and video on what the customers can do to improve the training process. Since pets are viewed as being part of the family, it’s essential to keep them protected. We want our pets to go on an outdoor adventure or come to work with us. With the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, you can now enjoy the benefits of creating an invisible fence anywhere you go along with your canine companion. You basically turn your world into a backyard.

The  SpotOn team has definitely created an amazing technology that uses for military equipment. The team utilizes their knowledge to develop a product with an effective containment with this much accuracy and precision. The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence holds its collar to the highest standard, similar to the military equipment they develop. It’s built with durability, and it’s tested under a variety of extreme conditions to ensure the maximum safety of your dog.

Flexibility and mobility

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence uses multiple fences, comes in various fence sizes, and has customizable fence shapes.

You can create the fence in a swamp, rocky area, or water. There’s a variety of features such as location tracking, alert/warning, alert and notification, highly rechargeable, portable, and has other amazing technological innovations that other competitors don’t have.


You can purchase this smart fence on the product’s website for $1495. The purchase would include two sets of static contact points, 50 training flags, insertion/tester tools, a wall charger, USB cable, a guide, a training target, and a downloadable app. The collars are designed for dogs with a net range of 17 to 24 inches, and for smaller dogs, is 12 to 17 inches.

Summary of the product

Building a fence can be annoying, and using a leash to hold your dog can lead to a bored puppy. Fortunately, with the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence it creates an invisible fence to access a containment. The fence is very large, so there’s plenty of room to run and be free. It’s highly portable, so you can take it wherever you go. The set up is easy; all you have to do is walk around the area that you want to contain and push a button to record. Therefore, letting you have a significant amount of fun on a camping trip or the beach. The collar does come with a phone application that you can track and view. It also has a satellite navigational system that connects to the fence and the dog, so you know where your canine company is located. Overall, this is one of the best tools on the market and is highly recommended to help keep your pets safe.

Other alternative quality dog fences

Extreme Dog Fence

Are you looking for a proper strategy to keep your dog in the yard? Check out the Extreme Dog Fence, and see why they outperform their competitors.

Top features

  • Waterproof and submersible collar
  • Standard kit up to 6 acres
  • one year warranty
  • Boundary wire with a 20 gauge length

Why is it reliable?

Usually, invisible fences require burrying an electric wire in the backyard, which may not be very safe. However, the extreme dog fence does not require a physical wire. It utilizes a wireless base station. Unfortunately, if there’s too many slopes, trees, and metal roof, it could be detrimental for the wireless fence. This can cause the signals to be lost, and the dog would escape the yard.

Encouraged your dog to stay in the yard

The significant part about this device is that the collar is very comfortable. It is lightweight and stylish. It weighs around 1.1 ounces and is completely waterproof. This will allow your dog to stay in one area and being comfortable and relaxed as possible with as much comfort and relaxation as possible.

Strong and sturdy wire

The wire from the kit is highly durable, with a 20 gauge copper core. After all, the durability of the fence is critical. The worst part about a regular fence is that you may have to take up the fence wire to find broken parts, but with the extreme dog fence, you won’t have to do that.

Manufactured in the USA

The extreme dog fence is manufactured in the US, so you will get a US representative to talk to you on the phone when you call for help. The representative has often provided a red carpet experience for the customers. They can help you with the installation process; after all, no one wants to tackle a do it yourself project without any help. The significant part is that they are open seven days a week.

PetSafe Stay & Play

If you want something affordable, but also as a wireless containment system, then PetSafe Stay & Play is something you are searching for. You don’t need to bury the dangerous wire; with this device, you can set a boundary of up to 105 feet. This wireless dog fence is highly portable, so you can take it with you to visit a friend or go on a camping trip with your companion. It can also be used with multiple dogs. The collar is rechargeable and waterproof, plus it’s highly durable. There are multiple settings that you can adjust to. The system is very gentle, so if your dog does overstep their boundaries, it will not get severely hurt. Even though this device is budget at a lower range, but it has quality function and structure. If you’re looking for an affordable option to set some boundaries for your canine companion, then this is definitely something to look at.

PetSafe YardMax Cordless In-Ground

This is a reliable and convenient pet boundary device. The cordless design makes it easy to install it in the ground, and easy to place the wire. With this gadget, you won’t have to worry about your companion escaping or going too far and getting hit by a car. The fencing system has an incredible amount of boundary wire that covers 1/3 of an acre. If you have a large yard, the system can expand to 1.4 acres. What makes this an amazing dog fence is a cordless system. You don’t have to drill holes, so everything is safe. Your station can be indoors instead of outdoor. Plus, the whole device is waterproof. The system is also rechargeable, with an estimated 9 to 12 months of power life.

Pet Safe is known to be the best in the market when it comes to an invisible dog fence. If you are looking for a  simple and reliable way of setting a boundary for your pet, then this is something to check out.

Top features

  • Completely cordless, no need to drill
  • Adequate boundary to enclose 1/3 of an acre can expand to 1.5 acres.
  • Waterproof collar
  • Various levels of light static correction and setting selection.
  • PetSafe Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

If you have a small backyard and don’t require anything crazy or fancy to keep your pet safe, then this is an affordable option for you. This wireless fence is made of quality material, complete with everything you need with a half-acre radius. It has a wireless boundary collar, control system, and warning flags that can be implemented around the boundary line.

This is perfect for the guest house or camping trip. The collar comes with an adjustable system, made to fit any size dog without any discomfort. The severity of the static current can be adjusted to five different levels. That way, your dog can receive the proper static correction if they were to wander away from the boundary. This is a highly affordable model and is recommended for families that want something simple, affordable, and quality. It’s ranked pretty high among the best dog fence in this review. It’s easy to install and has pretty good customer service.


  • Wireless range up to half an acre
  • battery life of around two months
  • There are static correction levels
  • Waterproof collar

Bottom line

After reviewing and comparing everything, the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is still number one. Even though the prices are higher, but it comes with advanced technology that is often used for military design. It utilizes satellite connections between the collar and the device so you can track your dog, and keep him or her in the proper boundaries, and go wherever you want to go.

The alternative dog fence system is also pretty good. They are more affordable but do have their limitations. However, they are made of quality materials comes from a compliant manufacturer. It can be purchased in-store or anywhere online.

So what are you waiting for? Find a perfect boundary system to keep your canine friends safe.