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Bladder Cancer in Dogs

Bladder cancer in dogs is difficult to determine and, without a test, may be confused with less serious conditions or infection. Some breeds, especially Terriers, are genetically predisposed to this […]

2021 Guide to Cancer in Dogs: Common Types, Symptoms, Treatments

A cancer diagnosis for your pet dog can be just as devastating as getting one yourself. Unfortunately, cancer in dogs is quite common—with proper treatment and care, your dog can […]

Skin Cancer in Dogs: A Guide To Dog Melanoma and More

For many people, dogs aren’t just a pet, they’re full members of the family. They celebrate our victories with us and console us after tragedies, even if they never really […]

Bone Cancer in Dogs: Signs, Treatment, Prognosis

The love dogs give us is priceless, but as our fur babies age, the risk of many diseases arise, including bone cancer. It’s a heavy subject, but awareness is key […]

Breast Cancer in Dogs: Prevention, Causes, Treatments, and Prognosis

Mammary cancer is the most commonly occurring of all cancers in female dogs. Despite its prevalence, discovering lumps along your male or female dog’s abdomen can be alarming.  Thankfully, around […]

Lung Cancer in Dogs: Symptoms, Types, and Available Treatments

Despite cancer being the leading cause of death in older dogs, lung cancer itself is rare. However, lung tumors in dogs can be dangerous if not detected early on. If […]