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Walk and Roll

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To Help Dogs Living with Cancer

Whether you walk on 2 feet, use a wheelchair or a walker, whether you blade or bike, help us raise funds for Canine Cancer Recovery.
If you can’t participate, please consider sponsoring a walker. It’s easy to do. Please donate to sponsor a walker here.

Please consider being a Walk Leader.

Here’s How

Walk Leaders:

June 25/26

Choose a time and date for the walk. Some groups are having their event on the Saturday and others prefer the Sunday.

Consider weather, proximity to holidays and local events, and other things that will make it safe and fun for people who join the walk. Make sure it’s far enough away that you have plenty of time to plan.

Choose a route for the walk. Pick a meeting place that is easy to find and easy to describe in only a few words.  You can use “Map My Run” to plan a route that is the length we want it (1k, 2,k, 5k).  If you use a program or a map to plan the route, make sure you or one of your co-organizers walks the route to make sure it’s safe and wheelchair/mobility-accessible.  Be sure the walk will not disrupt the flow of traffic or pedestrian flow.

Get a team of walkers/rollers with you of friends/family Once you’ve established your route, ask friends, family to walk with you – a small group of 5-10 people is perfect. If it’s any more than that, your walk will require you contact your local authorities to check on the permits required or regulations in place for a larger walk/roll.

Collect donations and pledges. If you’re shy about this, remember that the money is going to a good cause.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Even if people don’t pledge, they may be learning about canine cancer recovery for the first time.  A fund-raising walk is as much about awareness as it is about funds. Once you have your team of participants, give each participant a pledge sheet so that each participant can get their own list of people that will pledge money for their walk. If for example you have 5 walkers with you, each person will have a sheet with their own donors that have pledged/donated money for their walk.

Make it Fun. You can be as creative as you like – you can have team challenges for most money raised by a participant, most unusual outfit while walking, have a book club meeting while walking,  conduct a Spanish lesson, etc – or simply an old fashioned walk or roll on a beautiful summer day.

To begin the walk, Meet at your location, wait some number of minutes to account for stragglers, and start walking!  Have a cell phone for contact, and have fun!

Take pictures and Celebrate afterward. Send photos to us at and we will post them. Thank everyone for participating.  Continue to collect donations even after the walk is over.  Never send cash in the mail—use a check or make an online donation.  Announce the final count and congratulate yourself and everyone else for a job well done.

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