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Tucker Added to Faces of Courage

July 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment



UPDATE 7-8-2011—

My husband and I adopted Tucker from the Spokane Humane Society on October 8, 2008, after I volunteered there for the day. It was the best thing we have ever done. Tucker was a seven year old Yellow Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix when he came into our lives…our 130 pound bundle of joy. His former human was an elderly man who could not take him with, when he moved into an assisted living facility. Tucker blessed our lives with love, loyalty, dedication and a deep devotion that we had not experienced with any of our other dogs. Tucker was my husband’s first magical bond with a dog. They were inseparable, and were best friends.

I felt a small lump by Tucker’s jaw on May 7, 2011. We called our vet (mobile) on May 10 and asked that he come out and take a look as it was now the size of a walnut. He came out the evening of May 11, Tucker was getting some swelling in his face at this time, and the mobile vet felt it was either an abscess or Lymphoma, He did not have the ability to do the pathology and other tests necessary to definitely diagnose, unless he actually did exploratory surgery. He suggested treating for an abscess and taking further steps if it wasn’t resolved.

The possibility of Lymphoma terrified me. I knew nothing about it. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the internet. That evening was my first exposure to (CCA). I have had dogs for nearly 50 years, and have never lost one to anything other than old age. I now realize just how incredibly lucky I have been.

Tucker’s face was completely swollen when we got up the next morning. He looked like he had a mouth full or marshmallows and one eye was swollen shut. I needed a second opinion, and a diagnosis. I was aware of a new vet in Spokane, who graduated last year from Washington State University’s Veterinary School of Medicine by the name or Gordon Armstrong. We tracked him down at the Indian Trail Animal Clinic. His office opened at 7:30AM, and they answered their phone earlier. They told me to bring him out, so off Tucker and I went for the 45 minute drive across town.

Tucker was diagnosed with Lymphoma on May 12. It was progressing at a hideous, aggressive rate. Between CCA and Dr. Armstrong, we were able to keep him comfortable and nourished.

I was on the CCA site daily, and sometimes multiple times. We followed Dr. Armstrong’s advice, medications and instructions to the letter. We also practiced CCA’s holistic approach and I made the cancer diet for Tucker. We were told it could be as little as a week and up to four, due to the aggressive nature of the Lymphoma when he was diagnosed.

We lost Tucker on June 17, 2011. Two years and eight months was simply not enough time for our lives together with this very special boy.

Tucker lasted five weeks with a good quality of life and comfort. I thank and credit Dr. Armstrong and CCA, the resources they provided including the ideas, advice, the cancer diet, and recommended herbs and supplements (we used Artemisinin, Omega-3 Fish Oil, CO-Q-10, C-500 and Ojibwa Herbal Extract-Essiac Tea), for giving us this absolutely precious additional time with Tucker that we had. You have touched our lives in numerous ways and beyond explanation. Thank you. We are so grateful.

I donated Tucker’s supplements to CCA’s Supplement Exchange, with the hope they might help another. It was heart warming to be able to do so, and I hope many others will use this medium to reach out and help others as well.

Rest in peace Tucker…thank you sweet, sweet buddy, for all your love. We miss our Tucker boy more than words could ever express.

We love you Tuck,
— Mom & Dad

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  • 1 Chris and Jim // Aug 21, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Your family gave Tucker the most wonderful forever home and passing on to the Rainbow Bridge. it’s a nasty, nasty disease, but he lived and passed with your love surrounding him!

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