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Thank you Sharon for your generous donation to Tigger!

January 24th, 2010 · No Comments

Tigger’s update — Eye of the Tiger

UPDATE 01-24-2010—

Thank you Sharon for your donation to Tigger!

UPDATE 01-21-2010—

In May 2008 Tigger was given months to live, but with the embolizations, surgery, and chemo, Tigger is still with me. Thanks to Dr. Chick Weisse, VMD, DACVS, of AMC in NYC. And to everyone who gave towards Tigger’s fight! Tigger is my miracle in NJ.
— Kathy

UPDATE 01-06-2010—

Tigger my little Rocky! continues his fight ! I’m letting you know how Tigger is doing. I was so scared during the year to write a update because I thought something bad would happen. After his surgery he did not get clean margins so oncology said Tigger was strong enough for five treatments of chemo. I was so scared sitting there thinking he just went for surgery a month ago and now chemo. I had to sign papers stating the chemo could cause heart and bone problems. Tigger had no problems with chemo except alittle GI upset and hair loss. Remember in Aug 07 he had his first surgery mass removed in liver and liver was resectioned. It came back eight months later and it was inoperable. They said sorry no one wanted to take the risk of surgery. The doctor said maybe this one doctor could help he does a procedure thats new and it may help. People come to see him from all over world. Going from sorry there is nothing we could do to someone who might help. That ounce of HOPE that Dr. Chick Weisse gave to me meant so much to me. And I will never forget it…he performed the two chemoembolizations and he was able to operate last year. Since then Tigger had the five treatments of chemo and every three months ct scans and blood work. Jan 4 , 2010 the ct scan showed a shadow area so they did aspirate. These areas showed necrosis and no tumor recurrence. Can not be 100 percent but Dr. Weisse said it’s good news. Our problem now is his bloodwork platelets are elevated and his alk. phospate. Vet said it could be Cushings disease so Tigger will have to get more bloodwork. Medical bills from chemo, to ct scans, to ultrasounds have added up to over 9,000 dollars. Tigger still runs and plays. I want to thank everyone who gave towards Tigger’s fight against this horrible disease. Tiggers medicine and supplements comes to about three hundred dollars alone. Tigger means the world to me. And was given months to live and is still with me thanks to Dr. C. Weisse now at AMC and Dr. Griessmayer, the oncologist at Matthew Ryan at Penn. I thank both Vets for giving me the courage to fight for Tigger. I want to thank the nurses in oncology at UPenn for taking care of Tigger. And most of all Thank you CCA for helping us fight the fight! And to everyone who made this happen by supporting Tigger. To me it’s a miracle. Please let us continue.

— Kathy

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