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Thank You

From all of us at Canine Cancer Awareness, we would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support. It is through their conviction and belief in our cause that we are able to keep going and give you the great information on this site. Without their support, none of this would be possible. Won’t you please consider having us add your name here?

Thank you Geralyn Colloton for becoming an Associate Member!
Lenise Mitchell
Thank you Highland Ridge Photography!
Jo Elizabeth MacNair
David Warner
Sharon Adams — In Memory of my girls Jessie and Nikita! Love you and miss you!!!! Mommy!
Julie Cardillo — In memory of my angels Casey, Blair, and Ben.
Debra Hood — In memory of my rottie Shaka Zulu Legenli-Hood who died on Valentines Day of lung cancer. He was 10 years old.
Tiffany Baric — In honor of my sweet Beagle Kora, giving the last she has to fight cancer.
Kaki Almirall — [I]n honour of Gila, a great Search and Rescue dog whom I had the pleasure of knowing her entire life.
Thank you so much Darlene and Tim McGarvey for your 2nd annual fundraiser in memory of Bear!
Carolyn Fleming
Peggy Green and Bow Wow Licious Biscuit Company
Terry Kohut
Lori Crabtree
Sara Hicks
Gina Megay
Amanda DiMauro
Debra Targett — Donation in memory of Max Tobin on behalf of Bebe Regnier.
Bonnie Ulber — In memory of Cody.
Thank you Sensibilities Day Spa in memory of Cue and Honor! — To assist in preserving the life of another precious pet.
Sharon Adams — In loving honor of my two beautiful Angels Jessie and Nikita!!!! Love you girls!!!!
Sue Ingham
Shay Morrow
Paula Jones — on behalf of Jaxon Jones who is still doing well
Sue Guzman — Welcome new Associate Member!
Fluke’s Aftercare — on behalf of Deborah, Roger, and Theresa
Rosalind Henry
Susan Guzman
Deana Ackiss
Sharon Triano
Lillian Alvarez
Karen Magri
Lisa Ancell
Greg Lucas
Jeff Tharp
Michele Gipson — New CCA Associate Member
Susan Smith
Aimee Quemuel and
Laurie Carlton — In memory of Riedel and Harvey
Sara Rubley
Allison Bridge Clemens — In memory of Harley, her loving Akita-Chow who passed away in 2008
Marcia Kurtz
Raquel Bird
Susan Smith — In memory of Elise’s and Bill’s American Eskie, Hana, who died last week from heart cancer
Patricia Caputo — I am making this donation in the name of Indera, the dog of Kyla and James
Wayne Tucker
Kenneth Moore
Mark and Nora Wilke
Michael Norsk
Dawn Griebelbauer
Evelyn McClatchey
Angelica Ross
Wendy Tubbs
The girls at Torrid — In honor of Bella c/o Jo Rivera
Greg Lucas
Julie Mathis — In memory of Titus Mathis, our beloved puppy.
Geniene Sciacca
Lisa Cushman — In memory of Gifford
Paula Penn — In Memory of My Beloved Newman – American Bulldog — Love of my Life 12/19/97—4/9/08
Timothy Johnson
Patty — In memory of Shane, Katie, Natasha, Gina, and Buddy (Five Huskys)
Russell Nix
Susan McLaughlin — In memory of Sherlock and Tinker Good Dog, both lost to cancer
Mary J. Wegrzyn — In memory of Lois Brown, cancer survivor and dog lover, who lost her life to ALS
Michael Olsen
Manel and Angel Naughty (July 29th 1992 — March 19th 2008)
Lynn Conley
Rachael L. Perry
Bradley Crane
Diane Donovan
Diane Allen — I’m hoping this will help someone who actually can get treatment. It’s the proceeds from a huge yard sale in Sophie’s honor!
Mary J. Wegrzyn
Stacey McCarty
From the Friends of Shaili the Agility Pug & Kelly McFaul-Solem
Geri and Jack Scott — In memory of Quincy
Central New York Kennel Club — In memory of Quincy
Shelly Talmo — In honor of Lovey Talmo
Shira Levine— In memory of Max Donnelly Bunch
Melissa Logan
In memory of Taylor Carpenter
Glenn James
Angela Papalaskaris — In memory of Lucy
Kristin Magin
Jennifer Jackson— In honor of Kasey Marie
Mark Cosgrove — In memory of Tyler
Mary Wegrzyn
Jennifer Raffield
Roselyn Leibowitz — Please use this money for the neediest babies. I learned about you from the Canine Cancer Awareness Yahoo group. My own baby has LSA and is fighting.
Timothy Johnson
Anthony Kielar
Lisa Dixon — As a Christmas gift in memory of Taz and Storm Dixon
Sandra Young
Wendy Tubbs — Thank you for your site! My Girl moved on 2/24/07, but your site was invaluable to me! I’ll never forget your help!
Mary Wegrzyn
Joanne Jurgle — In Memory of Kona
Patricia Robinson
Thea Wilson
Vicki Horton
Lisa Lemig
Tara Webster
Patty Naimo — In memory of Marissa
Janet Dykes — To honor the memory of Georgette Breipohl by Jan and Wayne Dykes
Dana Billington — In memory of J.R. May
Dana Billington — In memory of Milo
Kathleen Larsen
Kathy Jacklin
Albert Frise
Katharina Maiss
Kimberly J. Frew — Missy’s Mile
Kristy Nice — Missy’s Mile
Laura E. Ricks — Missy’s Mile
Kurt Finchum — Missy’s Mile
Michael Wolford
Rosalind Henry — Associate Membership
Kathleen Marone
Yukie Aida
Eileen Simpkins
Nancy Coffey — In memory of Suzie and Moe
Sue Rich — In memory of Suzie and Moe

Kathleen Marone
Joanne Ball — In loving memory of Trapper
Nalene Termini
Nicole Jennings
Rafael Campo
Amy O’Brien
Kristine Rembis
Joyce Kolasa
Barbara Bateson — In memory of Joseph Levi Enstrom
Paulette Lerman — In memory of Annie Lerman, beloved Golden Retriever of Fred and Joel Lerman
Robert Foster
Colleen Comeau — In memory of Copper
Susan Rich — In memory of Copper
Joe and Karen Nadeau — In memory of Spike and Robin
Nancy Coffey — In memory of Copper
Ted Schneck
Lori Jablon
Staff members of the Companion Animals Section of the HSUS — In honor of Dawn Lauer and her dog Sara
Melinda Meyerhoff
Manuela Viljoen
June Hill
Dana Nelson — In memory of Jazz and Cameo
David York — In honor of Winter Benedict’s father
Kimberly Gensler — In honor and memory of Breeze, beloved friend of the Stillwell family
Christine M. Ten Berge — In memory of Cinder
Shannon Hicks for Kathy, Ellie & Marla — In memory of Jewel
Mary Costello
Patricia Robinson — In Honor of Incredible Rocky Dog
Frank Mellon — In memory of Buck
Laura Ricks
Gunter Kallwass
Jay Gann — In memory of Hershey of Miami Beach
Julie Browning Cardillo (from Julie, Ben & Angel Boys) — In honor of Cameo and Jazz
Jean McGraw and Cedar
Timothy Redman — In honor of Samson who had a mast cell tumor removed
Suzanne Zimmerman — A special thank you to the Zimmermans for funding the web site for another year, in loving memory of Max
Melissa Rice
Michele Pierce
Suzan Greeson
Timothy Redman
Patricia Robinson
Gail Casey
Pamela Storto
Elizabeth Powell — Special thanks to a supporter from the UK
Terry Keyes — In memory of Corey
In Memory of Cath Phillips’ Sunshine “JOLEY
Marie McClatchey — In memory of Joey
Janet Ellis
Barry Maletsky
Ada Simms
William Smith — Thank You!!
Pam and Dan Daluga — In loving memory of our sweet little boy Wally
David and Lynne Adams — In honor of our two nieces Major Tara White, USAF and Michael and Heather Farmer
Jane A Post
Dana Billington and Lenore Billington — In loving memory of Milo
Geraldine D. Gardner
Denise Galasso
Julie Cincotta
Ronnie and Leslie Stanley
Rebecca Waltz
Carole Daggett — Thank you, from The Zone Agility
Lisa Schmit
Rhea Parsons
Susan McLaughlin
Mary Wegrzyn
Patricia Maloney-Harmon
Tom & Pat Moloney-Harmon — In Memory of Brother Vincent soulmate of Vickie Vander Vere
Patricia Ann Naimo
Paulette Leman — In Memory of Pierre L. DePorre
Deborah Cronheim
Patti Peoples — On behalf of Fatty Morales and Newman Peoples, two beautiful bulldogs who died this year (2006) from cancer.
Donna & Frank Alexander — In Loving Memory of Cliffy
Sharon Barwick
Mary J. Wegrzyn
Dana Billington — In honor of her dog Milo, who died of cancer in April 2005
Merri Blevins
James Vertran and his generous officemates in Canada
Kevin Bersofsky
David Hall & Lynn Randall — In memory of Yodi
Jacqueline Griffin
Darryl Pedersen
Department of Health and Human Services (Bangor, Maine Office), Francis Schumann, Mary Wegrzyn — In memory of Vivian M. Volk
In Loving Memory of our sweet little boy Paddington — Stephen & Annette Ross — Ane Morales
Jeffrey Malone
Lisa Lautermilch — In memory of Amanda Nelson’s Chance
Susie Lodge, Wings for Children and Families, Diane Podolak, Beverly Shumaker — In memory of Vivian M. Volk
Jamie Bertrand — In memory of Shai
Kris Pedersen — In memory of Barcley
Mary J. Wegrzyn
In memory of Gus Puppy — 07/02/01 – 08/15/06 (T Cell Lymphoma) Love, Mom, Bunk & Andy
In memory of the courageous Gus Puppy — Love, Molly, Maggie and Jake
Blackmar Entertainment
Douglas Green
Faye Lee
Ginelle Patterson
Colin Glenister — In Memory of Herbie
Lisa LaRosa — In Memory of Kellog Frens
Julio & Jesica Baqueiro
Mary Wegrzyn — In Memory of Baxter
Barbara Bateson — In Memory of London
Lucia Circo — In Memory of Sierra
Anne Marie Smith — In Honor of Rocky — Web site registration and publishing
Stephanie Hyde — In Memory of Nestle & Emily
Frank H. Wolf, Wearwolf Group LTD. — In Memory of Mee-Too
John Dailey — In Memory of Sly
Sue Westhead
Barb and Skylar Lett — In Memory of Sly
Anthony Kaufmann
Cindy Kelly — In Memory of Skylar
Mary Wegrzyn — In Memory of Jan Farrar and Jan’s fur angel Tweed
Vivian Volk — In Memory of Jake
Jay Gann — In Memory of Ebony of Sabal Lakes
Carol Rayfuse — In Memory of Einstein
JoAnna Dumont — In Memory of Skipper Hill
Darlene Porro — In Memory of Spencer
Natalie S. Jones — In Memory of Snigglefritz
William Smith
Mary Wegrzyn — In Memory of Snigglefritz
Heather Marquard
Nancy Rutherford — In Memory of Ellie Dykes
Suzanne Zimmerman — In Memory of Max
R. & H. Villac — In Memory of Max
Taimur Mohiuddin — In Honor of Greenspan
Susan McLaughlin
Patricia Thomas
Elizabeth Beyer
Laura Fox
Judy Gould
Leslie Deering
Michelle Matheson
The Thomas Fund
Penny and Carrera Ness
Brown Deer Animal Hospital
Amber May
Natalia Colman
Mike Kush
Ann Maguire — In Memory of Mee-Too
Karen Fine
Jeffrey Manno
Peggy & Michael Quigley — In Memory of Skye Richards
Maureen Spalding
Orianna Roth Richards — In Memory of Skye — The Petco Foundation — Ane Morales
Frank & Mary Robinson
CMEG INC. — In Honor of Bishop
Lisa Stranzenbach
Patricia (Yahoo Bone Cancer Group) — In Memory of Briar
Ronald & Roberta Hood — In Memory of Coon
Rich & Kelly Johnson — In Memory of Kody
Linda Hansen
Emily Young
Carol Confessore
Ruth & Matthew Page — In Honor Of Sebastian
Nancy Travis — In Honor Of Squirt
Bernice Whaley — In Memory Of Heidi
Patricia Robinson
Pamela Bachorz — In The Name Of Jason Morros
Gwen Krestel — In Memory Of Charlie Lerman
Deborah Karacozian — In Memory Of Bubba
Wanda Fary
Luke & Wendy Boger — In Memory Of Sula
Armand Auger
Linda Lelansky
Mel Birken — In Memory Of Moondoggie, Wonderful Dog Of Linda Anderson
Geralyn Casunuran — In Memory Of Her “Big Oof”, Charlie
Roger A. Wasby
John L. Wright
Ruth Segal — In Memory Of Monty
Dana Nelson — Affinity Dog Training — In Memory Of Jasper
Richard & Barbara Collins — In Memory Of Manhattan
Paul & Chris Ten Berge — In Memory Of Cinder
Dana Billingsley — In Memory Of Milo
Susan Lamoureux — In Memory Of Barnum
Paulette Lerman — In Memory Of Belles
David Kaplan
Tiffany Locicero
Madeline Brattesani — In Memory Of Midnight
Michelle Lauren — In Memory Of “Blue”
Barbara Bateson — In Memory Of Vader
Colleen McDonnell — In Loving Memory Of Tara
Liza Botkin
Natalie Smith — In Memory Of Molly Simson
Kody Braisted
Patty Naimo — In Loving Memory Of Katie
Alex & Melanie Gatewood — In Loving Memory of Sophie
Jennifer Klemow — In Memory Of Molly Simson
Meera Agrawal — In Memory Of Riggs McCormick
Kelly Austin
Stephanie Gomez — In Memory Of Bishop Zuckerman
Ivy Feibelman & Heather Cole — In Memory Of Sydney Phillips
Steven Stochaj
Amy Eubank — In Memory Of of Abby Williamson
Jamie Spencer
Karen White
Deborah Cronheim — In Memory of Shane