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UPDATE 1-22-2012—

Well, where do I begin? I always made sure Sadie, my Great Dane, had her yearly inoculations and regular exams from her vet. If anything suspicious came up, it was another visit to the vets. She is ten years old and the only thing wrong with her is she has slight hip dysplasia. One week before Thanksgiving of 2011 my Sadie girl went to sit on the sofa as she usually does. She slid to the floor with such a resigned expression of "oh well I might just as well stay here" She finally made it to her destination. The next evening I noticed her back right leg, just below her hock, was slightly swollen. I assumed she must have sprained a muscle even though she never cried out or whimpered the night before. She has always been very stoic. I applied the usual ice & heat treatment thinking this would be the answer. Some swelling did go down but I noticed the remaining was hard. I was puzzled. After not having any more success it was time to have a visit to her vets.

Two weeks before Christmas, after our vet visit, the vet said it could be a couple of different things . One was a cancer, the second an infection from valley fever. We live in Arizona so this was not out of the ordinary. Sadie was taken to get her blood work done and some x-rays were taken. We came back in two hours to pick her up and get the test results. We were taken in the back to have a look at the x-rays. Our vet showed us where Sadie’s injury was and explained that an osteosarcoma (bone cancer) did not spread to the next joint. Then she showed us the three lesions in her lungs. The cancer had already metastasized. I felt like I had been hit. I just started sobbing. No, not my precious baby girl, it can’t be. Not cancer. At this same time I was confined to a wheelchair because of a back injury. If only I had been more diligent I thought I would have noticed. (Big time guilt going on here). We went back into the exam room and I had to control the tears. The vet, Erika, explained in more detail the results of the tests. Sadie’s prognosis was not good. She has three to four months left to live, maybe a little more. We had two options. The first was to put Sadie on pain medication to control her pain. The second was to remove her appendage to lessen her pain. Chemo was mentioned as well. Pain medication was to be given in increments as necessary to control her discomfort. We, (her daddy and I ) decided to opt for pain medication and leave her leg attached. We could not afford the surgery so we didn’t have much choice. Chemo was totally out of the question. One reason is we cannot financially afford it. The second reason was why prolong Sadie’s life for only a couple of months (which would make her sick from the treatments) to deter our misery. We love our baby girl too much to see her suffer needlessly for our selfish needs.

As the weeks progressed so did Sadie’s growth. It grew to thirteen and one half inches around. You could see the pain in her lovely brown eyes even on the pain medication now. There was no other alternative, she needed the operation. The tears start to fall again as I tell you this. There is no greater unconditional love than that of our pets. They do not see our faults.

Thanks to Canine Cancer Awareness Inc., Sadie was approved for her monetary contribution for her surgery to get her leg amputated. She had her surgery on January 21, 2012. Everything went fine. We went to visit her when she was out of recovery. We brought her home the next day. Every time I look at that ugly scar on her leg, it is a reminder that that ugly disease invaded our lives. I cry and my lovely lady puts per paw on my hand to comfort me. She has always done this whenever I have gotten upset or was ill. How will I get along without her. She has been by my side since eleven weeks old. My constant companion. She loves to go for car rides and greets everyone like a long lost friend. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is so loving. I will be stoic for her now. I will dry my tears and cherish every day we have left. Again thank you

— Lois and Adrien

The CCA Board of Directors has allocated $1000 to help pay the costs of Sadie’s treatments. Please help Sadie receive the treatment that she needs. Any sponsor donations made on behalf of Sadie will be used to pay unpaid invoices and the checks will be sent directly to Sadie’s vet.

To help sponsor treatment, you can click on the PayPal donate button below or send a check to:

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.
44 Devoe Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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