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December 20th, 2009 · No Comments

Roxy’s Story

UPDATE 12-20-2009—

I adopted Roxy from my local Animal Control shelter when she was 5 months old. She was the last one left of her litter; the others had all been adopted at 2 months old. She had just had eye surgery to eliminate her reoccurring cherry eye infections; her right eye was stitched shut with hot pink stitches while she was healing. She was malnourished and looked so sad with only one eye to use, but she had so much personality that I could not stop thinking about her. I went back to visit her several times over the next few weeks, finally deciding that she needed to come home with me. Her eye healed from the cherry eye removal, but had many more issues come about over the next year. She had a half-dozen more eye surgeries and even had to have a broken leg repaired (from a tumble with a Great Dane at the dog park). Roxy spent so much time at the vet that year, she has loved to go to the vet ever since. She lives to play fetch with a tennis ball or Frisbee and she is the fastest dog at the park. Like many other dogs, she loves car rides and going to the beach to swim and play fetch in the water. She thinks that my bed is actually hers; if I ask her to “Go lie down,” she will go upstairs and go straight to my bed.

This past summer, I noticed a small pink lump in between two of her toes. It was about the size of a large bug bite; and would come and go every few days. It then quickly grew to the size of a grape. Her vet recommended that we that we test it. He determined that it was a mast cell tumor. Because of its location, he was unwilling to perform the surgery to remove it and referred us to the University of Florida vet school. She had the tumor and two toes removed from her front left paw as well as her lymph nodes in her left shoulder, this past September. She has quickly recovered from the surgery, remaining the fastest dog fetching at the park. She is currently being treated with Palladia to eliminate the rest of the cancerous cells that had spread in her body. The tumor on her paw has not returned. Palladia has been the saving grace for Roxy. It is like she came back to life when she began this treatment plan. Her energy had been down all summer with the cancer, but now she is like a playful pup again.

This Christmas will be Roxy’s 6th birthday. Some people tell me that I have already done more that what most would do for a pet. But to me, Roxy is a part of my family. She is far too young to let her be taken by disease. I have spent every spare cent I that my daughter and I have, on Roxy’s care. But as a college student that survives on financial aid, I cannot continue to sacrifice our money for bills to pay for Roxy’s medication and treatment. I have recently picked up a second part time job to help make ends meet, but it is not enough to provide for what Roxy needs to stay with us. Her doctors do not know how long she will need the Palladia, or if that will be the only treatment option she will need. Her future has become dependent upon the generosity of the organizations and the individuals who understand how much an animal can mean to a family.

— Lauren, Chloe and Roxy

CCA has donated $720 to help pay the costs of Roxy’s treatment. Please also give generously to Roxy. To help sponsor treatment, you can click on the PayPal donate button below or send a check to:

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