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Roc’ C added to Faces of Courage

October 17th, 2010 · 2 Comments


UPDATE 10-17-2010—

Dear Family and Friends,

Shortly after 8:30 pm, on Saturday August 27th 2005, our loyal companion and best friend Roc’ C closed her eyes for the last time and went where she appropriately and most deservedly belonged.

Roc’ C a full blood Rottweiler, still beautiful in her old age, came into our lives as an early birthday gift to Dave. She won our hearts as a puppy and our admiration as she matured.

From the first day of her arrival, Roc’ C would see Dave as her master or leader of the family: never questioning, always faithful, and ever loyal.

For myself, Roc’ C found her true role in life being a protector, only to leave my side when I left for work and then patentable waiting for my return.

As time progressed, children were brought into our family with some uncertainty on how Roc’ C would react not being the center of attention anymore.

Eventually, Dave and I would come to realize our concern regarding her behavior was completely unnecessary and not even an issue for Roc’ C.

You see, the two most important goals in Roc’ C life, being a loyal companion and protector, was not being taken away from our 2 boys, Chase and Bryce; therefore, Roc’ C saw this moment as she gained two more people to love her unconditionally and in return, she would use her strength, courage, and determination to make both, Chase and Bryce lives the best she knew how.

Through the younger years, Roc’ C would play all sorts of games with unlimited stamina and endless pleasure. Always wanting Dave to play tug-a-war with a towel one more time so she could show him just how strong her jaws were or Chase tossing the tennis ball in the air to see if Roc’ C would jump for the ball a little higher the next time around.

As time progressed, her overall image matured into a true Rottweiler’s build. With strong legs, thick shoulders, and a purely defined face, she found the outside as her new leadership role. Roc’ C portrayed an image of complete domination, confidence, and a very high self esteem to follow.

When seen through the black iron fence, she came across as being highly intimidating. However, hidden behind a defensive front, her long history of being such a good nature dog, always won the trust and love of all who had met her.

Eventually, the unstoppable would happen. White hair gradually became apparent on her face. Walking or playing became a little less vigorous. Arthritis medicine was needed daily to help her get up and down easier. However, with all these symptoms she dealt on a daily basis, Roc’ C never complained or wined. Instead she offered her unconditional loyalty and her determination to keep going.

I believe we humans are the voices for our pet’s life. When you take the time and really look into your pet’s eyes, they tell you a story or can tell you what they are feeling. With that in mind, I would like to tell you the story Dave and I saw in Roc’ C eyes, August 27, 2005.

Sitting right next to Roc’ C on the floor in one of the examination rooms, Dave and I looked into Roc’ C eyes and saw a dog who refused to accept the pain from bleeding internally caused by abdominal tumors within her body. We saw a dog that had endured such pain and discomfort , yet continued to bring satification to our family, while unable even to lie on her stomach due to massive internally swelling.

We saw the weakness in her body from not being able to accept food or water for 2 full days, having an IV hooked to her to keep her from dehraydration. To perform all the tests we wanted to have done on Roc’ C, she had to be placed on a stretcher to move her from room to room, but she always made sure I was near before proceeding on.

When the final tests and x-rays came back, Dave and my hearts completely stopped for a second. Hoping to hear from the vet doctor “she will be fine and ready to go home in a couple of days”, we heard the complete opposite. We heard the words I so desperately prayed not to hear and remembering at that exact moment, a part of my soul died.

Knowing Roc’ C was not going to be by my side anymore or have her wait patiently by the front door for my arrival at night was the thought I was not prepared for. I remember thinking that Roc’ C had just been to the vets for a complete check-up just 6 months prior and all test results came back normal with no complications. I did not understand how Roc’ C could go from being ok to dying.

At that moment, I knew it was my turn to be her protector. Roc’ C needed me now and I was not going to let her down. I was going to be by her side for as long as it would take.

Dave went to get Chase to spend the remainder of Roc’ C time.  As the only 2 in the room, I remember looking into Roc’ C eyes for her to please tell me what she wanted me to do and feeling totally empty knowing I was ending my best friends life.

It took 9 hours sitting next to her on that cold floor:  Roc’ C looking for my approval and leadership, where as Dave had been her leader, before making the final heart-wrenching decision.  When the nurse came in for me to sign that final document, the one thing that would finally stop Roc’ C pain and sufferers.

I remember Chase, tears streaming down his little face, telling Dave and I “I wish we could walk her one more time and let her experience the sight, smell, and touch of the outdoors”. At that moment,  Roc’ C head lifted up and gradually pull herself up and walk by herself to the front of the Exit door, only to wait for Dave, Chase, and I to follow. As Chase held onto the lead, Roc’ C stood on the grass patiently waited for Chase to response “Let go back inside”.

At that very moment, I can not express what I was feeling. I was confused, scared and hopeful that maybe there was some hope and reassurance that Roc’ C could be getting better and could some how beat this horrible disease called cancer. Looking back at that same moment, I realized Roc’ C was doing what she had always done from day one, she was been a loyal and faithful companion fulfilling a request from the individuals who she respected and loved up until the final end of her life. No matter how much pain she was in, her courage, strength, and determination was never to give up.

When looking at those bold brown eyes, we saw the pain in her heart as she knew her time was coming near, and the stubbornness of hanging on, was coming to an end. Our loyal companion and protector were now looking at us to be her voice and help end her pain and sufferers. The trust she had in both Dave and I was extremely high. We had been there for her from a puppy to a senior canine making sure she was always taking care of and now as the doctor prepares the last injection she will receive, we saw the trust in her eyes still as high as it was when she was a puppy.

As the doctor prepared the shot, we recognized the trust we had know from the first day we saw Roc’ C. Through the tears running down our cheeks, I said the last sentence she would be able to hear “We will always Love You Roc’ C” “Until we meet again”. The final thing I saw in Roc’ C eyes were unconditional love.

As Roc’ C slowly started to close her eyes, I walked out of the room, not wanting to see or remember her that way, leaving Dave sitting by her holding her paw and caressing her head.

That evening, as we returned to a place that felt empty and alone, I sat in the bedroom reminiscing at old pictures and documents of Roc’ C.  I was crying and asking God “Why did you make me make that final decision to end Roc’ C life”. I was anger and confused. I wanted answers and I felt he was not listening until I noticed on the filing cabinet a letter that was addressed to Dave and me.

This letter came from the owner of Roc’ C mom and dad of which stated how happy she was we were getting one of her puppies.  She went along to explain the puppies will be ready to be picked up on Saturday, August 27, 1994.

Could this be!!!!!!!!!!!

Roc’ C had come into our lives the exact same day we took it away.  As I sat their in total numbness I felt God was listening to me. I realized the decision Dave and I had made was part of God’s plan. From that night, I carried less guilt.

I believe God had given us a piece of heaven on August 27, 1994 and in return we have a piece of heaven back to him exactly 11 years later. If I had perdition on where Roc’ C was at this certain moment, I would say sitting right next to God being the loyal and faithful companion she only knew to be.

Still today Roc’ C memories live in each one of us in its own unique way!!!!!

When I first started writing this dedication I really never realize how much Roc’ C made a difference in my life. Some people think a dog is just a dog….But for me a dog is a special creature God gives us to fill a gap with joy, laughter, or happiness within our lives or to help us realize what the true meaning of “Unconditional Love” is? If you would have asked me “Do you have a best friend” before August 25th 2005, I would have told you “No” I have lots of good friends but not best friends”. However, as I write about Roc’ C and all her great qualities and many purposes in life, I feel I need to change my statement in honor of her. I do have a BEST FRIEND and her name is ROC’ C!!!!!

Within the 11 wonderful years I have had the privilege in raising Roc’ C, she has been the greatest teacher to me, of all.  Her overall demeanor has taught me to enjoy life and live day by day to the fullest. Her determination has given me the will to complete or do anything with optimism. Her strength and courage has shown me that nothing is ever so bad that you can not overcome it. Finally, her loyal and faithful attitude has taught me to stay focused on what really matters in life.

May my family and friends always see the kind of person Roc’ C saw in me?

To my BEST FRIEND who I hold in my heart always,


— Melinda

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  • 1 Lianne // Jan 9, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    What a beautiful letter. I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I have just gone through this with one of my dogs and now the second is sick with cancer. You did the right thing and your dog thanks you for it, we need more people in the world like you.

  • 2 reenie hannan // Feb 3, 2011 at 5:41 am

    My dear dog lovers, I just found this site early in the morning of February 3, 2011…this story I have just read about your beloved baby named roc’c has my heart aching….with sadness and joy. I have learned so much about my baby whose name is rok also who is actually sitting next to me on the couch under his favorite, warm blanket with his mommy right next to him…our baby is a 12 year old pitbull which we adopted (not by choice but because he was left behind) who has just went thru CANCER SURGERY 2 weeks ago on his pad on his back left paw…its the second time we had to have this ugly tumor removed…this time it was biopsied and came back positive for PLASMACYTOMA which from the written results says they are usually benign…this one of course is not…the Vet performed laser surgery and tried desperately to save his toe which they did. What a trooper Rok was before and after the surgery was performed. He realized that when he walked it would hurt him so for the first 2 days after surgery he just rested and would not walk much. We had him lying where ever he wanted and put a pillow under his head and his favorite blanket over him. We kept him as safe, protected and comfortable as our baby has made us feel over these past 12 years. I now understand what you mean when you talk about learning about love and unconditional love…our dog has opened up my eyes to that subject…I have finally learned this from Rok..amazing that God placed this dog in my life as this lesson that I needed to learn…and wow,have I learned it and very grateful to my best friend Rok for teaching me thus lesson. He goes back to the vet tomorrow to have the stitches removed and we will find out then what, if anything we need to do to help him thru this. The wound looks awful and is not healing to well but like I said he is the strongest dog I have ever met…the surgery cost us $1128.00 and much more everytime we have had to take him back for more meds, bandage changes etc. The cost has set us back. We actually had to borrow the money for this from family members. He is well worth it and we will do whatever it takes to keep him around for as long as we can
    GOD BLESS ALL THE ANIMAL LOVERS OF THE WORLD. its nice to read stories from other people who think of their pets as part of the family…some people just don’t get it and sometimes I find myself feeling silly for constantly talking about Rok in ways that I do…you get the weird looks sometimes from people that just don’t understand the joy and love my baby has brought me…thank you

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