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August 25th, 2010 · 4 Comments




UPDATE 4-14-2010—

Hello my name is Rebel Jo and I am a 7 year old rottie that has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer January 2nd 2010 and it is in my right front leg.

I am writing this story to tell you about what I am going through and the changes in my life and my loved ones. Here are some of my favorite things I love to do with my mommy and pappy that I can’t do anymore. Because of the pain and discomfort that I now have with this cancer.

I love going for rides in the back of my mommy and pappy’s truck and feeling the wind in my face, and my ear’s flapping in the wind that makes me feel like I am going to fly. I also like going to the river swimming, fishing for rocks and just playing in the water with mommy. I also love going with my pappy and his hunting dog’s when he took them out hunting for that big raccoon, seeing who would smell it first. I would tell myself those guys weren’t going to show me up, but they always did, but I would act like the biggest master of all master’s. The most of all was getting to ride and watching over my pappy and making sure that he was ok, and helping mommy plant flowers and clean the sticks out of the yard. Sometimes I would sneak behind mommy and dig up the flowers and leave big holes in the yard. We would always go camping with mommy and pappy, but it’s going to be hard this year knowing I can’t go swimming in the river and taking my baths. As you would say those were the best days of my life doing the things I love to do!

Now instead of doing the things I love to do my life consists of going back and forth every three weeks to my chemo treatments in Pittsburg P.A. and going once a week to get blood work at my regular vet. The chemo is very costly to my mommy and pappy, but they will do without to see that I get the best treatment I possibly can. As you would know the chemo makes me very sick, it makes me not want to eat for a week or more, but mommy and pappy will make me people food or just take me through the nearest drive-thru to get me a cheesy burger, but sometimes I won’t even eat it. I also take ten pills twice a day, I hate to take them, but mommy tells me that they are good for me and that I must take them, even though I don’t want to, mommy will hide them in food or ice cream, no matter what she will make sure that I get them.

I also want you to know that I had a very best friend her name was Daisy she was my only sister that I ever knew. In July 2009 I lost her to the same cancer. I miss her very much! We would run through the yard playing fetch and chasing each other around the yard. Then six months later we got the news that I had the same horrifying disease. It devastated my entire family and loved ones, and me so much that we sat and cried! I often hear my mommy praying for me at night and I hear her crying and I want to just say it will be ok! Don’t worry!

My mommy would always call me her little baby boy and her little angel! Mommy never lets me down, she is always there for me! If something would happen to me my mommy and pappy would be so devastated because I am the only little baby boy they have!

Now that I have shared some of my story with everyone, I would appreciate it if you would donate what you could from the kindness of your heart to the CANINE CANCER AWARENESS, INC. 44 Devoe Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 or visit the website at I want to thank you for taking time to read my story! I also want to give a big "Ruff" "Ruff" to Canine Cancer Awareness for all there help and support.

May God Bless everyone.

— Rebel (and mom Kathy)

CCA has donated $500 to help pay the costs of Rebel’s treatment. Please also give generously to Rebel. To help sponsor treatment, you can click on the PayPal donate button below or send a check to:

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.
44 Devoe Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


07-04-10 — $50.00 (Donation from Patricia Robinson)
08-25-10 — $3.00 (Donation from Amanda DiMauro)

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  • 1 Jesse & Evelyn Coberly // May 3, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    We send our hopes and prayers to you,Rebel Joe.We love you so very much!!God Bless You!!May the the good Lord take that cancer out of you and give you alot of love,Mamaw and Papaw.

  • 2 stephanie // May 7, 2010 at 11:58 am

    wow i am cryin like a baby i cant afford to help you but kathy and rebel jo im praying

  • 3 Patricia Robinson // Jul 4, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    Did Rebel have an amputation. What pain medication is being used?

  • 4 Rita Summerlin // Mar 19, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I am very interested in whether or not Rebel had an amputation. I am faced with the same decision now with my 5 yo rottie, Boo Boo.

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