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UPDATE 3-17-2010—

Breed: Border Collie-Labrador Mix
Born: March 2007
Diagnosis: February 12, 2010
High grade lymphoma of abdominal lymph nodes

Jaxon is my companion and a friend like no other. He became a part of my life during the summer of 2007 when he was just shy of 4 months old. He climbed into my lap and refused to get down and we’ve been joined at the hip ever since. When Jaxon came to live with me I had recently turned 21 years old. Jaxon is the first pet of my own that I have ever had. Jaxon has always modeled respect and kindness towards all those he has met, never needing to be leashed and never needing more than a soft verbal direction. Response to this has been displayed through the soft prance of his golden-tipped toes, the swish and shimmer of his brownish-black fur and the emotional embrace he bestows upon others as he approaches them with his brilliant smile. Yes he really does smile!

With his intuitive presence and his calm and wise nature, Jaxon has guided me through times of personal challenge and growth. A year and a half ago I broke my back while assisting with the lift of a wall while working at a construction site. The break was severe enough that to this day I continue to work towards recovery. In early stages of my recovery, Jaxon never left my side. He sat beside me each day, patiently reassuring me with his beautiful brown eyes that I would one day be strong and whole again. When I regained my strength and began to walk he too would walk by my side encouraging me to work that much harder towards reaching my goal. Jaxon was by my side when I felt alone and powerless. With his unconditional love, devotion and sense of loyalty I found the courage to work towards being strong and although not completely healed, to again feel capable to work at what I love.

JaxonJaxon, Kyle, and his brother Andrew prepare to float the McKenzie River, Willamette Valley, Oregon

In February of this year, 2010, Jaxon suddenly became very sick. Many tests were administered and medications were given in hopes to revive him from what ever was causing him to experience violent episodes of both vomiting and diarrhea. Much to my disbelief, blood test results confirmed that Jaxon had an unusual case of lymphoma. I say unusual because the type of lymphoma Jaxon has is not typically seen in such a young dog. There is no cure for lymphoma, however there are medications available that can help to slow the cancer cells into remission giving Jaxon the chance to regain his strength and live a bit longer with a better quality of life.

Time would allow for Jaxon and me to do the things he loves to do such as ride down the river in my raft, ride up into the mountains while sitting in the front seat of my truck with the wind in his face, chasing the ball again and again on a warm sunny day, and sitting around with friends as they share stories and experiences.

JaxonJaxon and Kyle float the Deschutes River, Eastern Oregon

Jaxon is a friend for me like none I have ever had. Upon me he makes no judgment. He listens to me and loves me, and allows me to love him. He has touched the lives of many in such positive ways. Jaxon has a wise soul and is a friend with whom I feel blessed to have in my life.


Thank you for helping me to love my friend, my best friend, Jaxon.

— Kyle Lee

CCA has allocated $525 to help pay the costs of Jaxon’s treatments. Please help Jaxon fight this disease. Any sponsor donations made on behalf of Jaxon will be used to pay unpaid invoices and the checks will be sent directly to Jaxon’s vet.

To help sponsor treatment, you can click on the PayPal donate button below or send a check to:

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.
44 Devoe Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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