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September 12th, 2011 · 1 Comment



UPDATE 9-19-2011—

My 10 YO Boxer Gouda was diagnosed with epithelial cutaneous lymphoma a rare form of lymphoma in May 2009. A small tumor appeared on her left lower eyelid, I took her into my wonderful Vet and we made arrangements to have the tumor removed and tested the following week. That small tumor in one week almost doubled in size. When I got the results I was grief stricken. The prognosis for epithelial cutaneous lymphoma is very poor. I have no children and she was my constant companion, I wasn’t prepared for life without her. I had recently been through some personal hardships and Gouda was always there for me with the comfort only she could give. I was referred by my Vet to a canine oncologist. I made an appointment and waited for what I felt was the inevitable. The oncologist recommended chemotherapy and a diet supplement of safflower oil. The chemo drug Lomustine was prescribed and Gouda was given eighteen months at the utmost to live. Between the courses of chemo, blood work needed to be done to monitor various things including liver function. Many chemo drugs are really hard on the liver I was told. The first blood work came back acceptable, although her liver enzymes were elevated, so we proceeded with the second course. Gouda handled the chemo like a trooper with only minimal side effects mainly lethargy. The blood work after the second cuorse was extremely alarming. Her liver enzyme levels were so high the testing machine could not even record the number. It was recommended we stop chemo and allow her liver to recover if possible. I was told to start a special diet and give her medication daily. It was a long six months before Gouda showed marked improvement in her blood work. Gouda recently went in for her annual physical and check up on 9/15/11. All her blood work came back normal except a slightly elevated liver enzyme level of 256. Considering that level at one time was beyond measurement, I consider us pretty darn lucky! Gouda has out lived even the canine oncologists predicted life expectancy of 12/10. She continues to beat the odds and I credit my wonderful Vet and the canine oncologist for saving Goudas life, and in turn giving me more time with my best pal. I hope Goudas story will give others hope that miracles can happen. Never give up!

— Sue

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  • 1 Uma // Feb 27, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Hi Sue, my 12 year old GR had been diagnosed with t-cell cutaneous lymphoma. There are no oncologists here in Singapore. Could you please give me information on the safflower supplementation, and what was the dosage. Also any other useful information on the dosage of lomustine given as well as any other supplements and the special diet you fed Gouda for the liver troubles. Please do answer this email as the information I can find on this dreadful disease is so less! And my vet says he’s never treated dogs with this sort of cancer before. Goofy is my heart dog and I want to do right by him. Best regards to you and Gouda.

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