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Alfie Added to Sponsored Dogs

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UPDATE 6-19-2010—

In order to tell you Alfie’s story I need to tell you mine so you will know just how much Alfie is needed and loved. My first husband tried to kill me by lacing and Anacin 3 capsule with 10 times the lethal dose of cyanide. It left me with brain stem damage damage and lots of pain. But, my story has a happy ending.

Joe, my new husband brought into my life a little ball of fur named Alfie. He is so full of love and an excitement for life. Everyday he wakes us up with his happy barks, and then he runs out into the yard like he had never been outside before. At night when I go to bed he will lay down by my feet. During the day he is right by my side. When my pain gets so bad and the tears begin to fall, he is right there and licks the tears from my cheeks. When I look into his little eyes I feel my will building back up. That’s not where his love stops. He is Joe’s faithful hiking partner and our grandson’s playmate and protector.

When Alfie was diagnosed with Nasal Carcinoma our hearts sank inside of us. We couldn’t even imagine the void that would be left in our life without Alfie. How do you explain to a little boy that his playmate is no longer here. The treatment for this is very expensive. I live on social security disability. Joe has devoted his life to care for me. Together we live below poverty level. I felt so lost looking at Alfie with the blood coming out of his nose. My heart was breaking. But, I knew we didn’t have much time. Dog diagnosed with nasal carcinoma only live about 95 days without treatment. Alfie was diagnoses on April 2. I called Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital and make an appointment to see Dr Stone the Oncologist the following Wednesday. I didn’t know how we were going to pay for it. The one thing I did know was that Alfie had been there for me through many days and nights of pain, and we were not going to turn our backs on him. Alfie needed a miracle Dr Stone told us that he would need 16 radiation treatments. They would be 4 days a Week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. The cost Low $6,123.88 the high $7,534.56. We will have until October 4 this year to pay it back.

One day while I was on-line I typed in canine cancer. There are many sites that say the will help. So I started filling application after application. All of them came back saying because of the economy they had no Money. Except Canine Cancer Awareness, I went to there site filled out the application. Because of my disabilities I can’t write very well and they could not read my e-mail address. They didn’t toss the application to one side and just forget about it they sent me a letter, to ask me for my e-mail address. I faxed it to them. Then they needed more information from Dr. Stone. I called the Hospital, talked to Scott and he faxed me the information they needed immediately and I faxed it to them. With all the faxing back and forth and the wanting for more information I felt hope beginning to come back. When your waiting for something it seems like time moves so slow. But it was only three days. There in my e-mail box was a letter from Canine Cancer Awareness. My husband and I both set in front of the computer and I open the e-mail. We were both so excited it was better then any Christmas I can remember. They were going to help!!

Thank you Canine Cancer Awareness for helping us give a Alfie the miracle of life. You are truly his guardian Angle. We would be amiss if I didn’t say thank you to Dr. Stone and the oncology staff and Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital for the exception care, compassion and support you are giving Alfie. Now Alfie’s story has a chance for a happy ending!

— Susie

CCA has donated $1000 in order to help pay the costs of Alfie’s treatments. Any sponsor donations made on behalf of Alfie will be used to pay unpaid invoices and the checks will be sent directly to Alfie’s vet.

Please also give generously to Alfie. To help sponsor treatment, you can click on the PayPal donate button below or send a check to:

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.
44 Devoe Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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